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Pioneers in renewable energy for Southwest Germany

GAIA, Gesellschaft für Alternative Ingenieurtechnische Anwendungen (Organisation for Engineering and Technical Applications), has played a pivotal role in Southwest Germany’s energy transition since 1999. Our core competencies consist of expertise in wind power and solar energy systems as well as custom designed sustainable energy solutions for corporate and municipal facilities (e.g. distribution facilities, water treatment plants), and also for private investors. Founded by CEOs Torsten Szielasko and Michael Wahl as a planning office, today GAIA boasts about 50 highly qualified employees who contribute daily to climate and environment protection to preserve our earth.

Utilizing Wind Power and Solar energy reduces the damaging effects of fossil fuel emissions on the environment and helps free society from the dangers from nuclear power generation and the high cost of imported energy sources.

Holistic, ecological and flexible

We provide our customers with comprehensive renewable energy project solutions from project conception to a turn-key completion. We take care of the complete project, applying the full criteria of sustainable development. While doing so, we always observe the official norms and criteria for sustainability. After project execution, we also offer technical management of operational wind farms and photovoltaic systems in addition to a wide range of other services. Our services include site feasibility assessment studies, project design, project site and utility interconnection permitting, equipment and vendor selection, project construction management, commissioning, energy yield verification, and project operations and maintenance management. This applies to projects developed by other project planners as well.

We align our practice with our principles

We put our manpower into sustainable energy projects and work under environmentally and climate-friendly conditions: our company has been based in an energy-generating historic building since August 2012. The building from the beginning of the previous century produces more energy than we need in terms of electricity and heating. The remaining power is stored and used as required or fed into public energy grid. Meeting the needs of tomorrow today. Our vision – to use 100 percent renewable energy to meet energy demand – has become realized.